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It’s easy for you to be counted.

 Every 10 years, the United States counts everyone who lives in the country, regardless of age, nationality, or ability. It is important for everyone to respond to the 2020 Census so that communities like yours can receive the funding they need for health care, accessibility services, and more.

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You can respond to the 2020 Census online at this location beginning in mid-March 2020. Responding is easy, safe, and important. The census is your chance to shape the future. For For more more information, information, visit: 2020CENSUS.GOV .



The 2020 Census is accessible for everyone. 

Beginning in mid-March 2020, you can respond to the census by answering a handful of questions online, by phone, or by mail.

The online questionnaire is accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities. 

If you prefer to respond by mail but do not receive a questionnaire in your first mailing from the U.S. Census Bureau, you can wait for the fourth mailing, in mid-April 2020, which will include a questionnaire. 

If you have blindness or low vision, you can print a guide to the questionnaire in braille or large print from 2020CENSUS.GOV. 

If you have deafness or a hearing loss, you can: 

Respond to the census using telephone devices for hearing impaired.  Access video guides to the questionnaire in American Sign Language on 2020CENSUS.GOV. 

View online videos and webcasts with closed or open captioning. 

Request a visit from a census taker who uses American Sign Language. 


Why We Ask

 The 2020 Census is easy. The questions are simple. Responses to census questions provide a snapshot of the nation. Census results affect your voice in government, how much funding your community receives, and how your community plans for the future. When you fill out the census, you help: 

  • Determine how many seats your state gets in Congress.
  •  Inform how more than $675 billion in federal funding is distributed to states and communities each year. 
  • Create jobs, provide housing, prepare for emergencies, and build schools, roads and hospitals. 
  • Give customers a reason to do business with you.