The City of McMechen



Welcome to the City of McMechen Online!
McMechen is a Quaint small town located in Marshall County, West Virginia. Located along the Ohio River McMechen was first settled by Capt. William McMechen II. In 1771 Capt. McMechen Built cabins in what is now the McMechen Cemetery. His Cabins were twice burned by local Indians until he Rebuilt again in 1779.  
   The City was incorporated in 1895, and the building firm of J. L. McMechen was responsible for most of the structures. The firm built the B & O Roundhouse, and the first major enterprise, a shirt factory was operated by the McMechen’s. 

         Before the State of West Virginia made Route 2 into four lane Highway and split McMechen in two, The city Boasted all the following:  

• 2 butcher shops
• 10 Grocery Stores
• 2 Doctors offices
• 3 Drug Stores
• 2 Dentist Offices
• 1 Hardware Store
• 1 Pluming Store
• 1 Shoe Shop
• 5 Confectionaries
• Bowling Alley
• 2 Pool Rooms
• 1 Clothing Store
• 3 Barber Shop
• 1 Movie Theater
• 2 Auto Repair Shops
• 6 Gas Stations
• 1 Ford Dealership
• 7 Churches
• Miniature Golf
• Skating Rink
• Hotel 6th & Marshall
• Many Restaurants
• Bank
• Train Station on 6th st.

       The Street Cars every 15 min between Wheeling and Moundsville and the car barn was at 21st. The HITCHMAN Mine was Mining Coal at the north end of town. McMechen has changed in many ways but one thing that has not changed is the spirit and friendliness of its citizens.
Since that time McMechen as went through many changes and most are described and detailed in photographs here on this site.